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Cluster Map of Mucho Mas Mayo
Enrollment 2009

Oficial anouncement of the Mucho Más Mayo 2009 enrollement, you can download the the enrollment and the inscription form here in PDF format.Enrollment 2009 Inscription form 2009 more here
Catalog 08

Catalog 2008 You can now download the Catalog of the third edition of the Mucho Mas Mayo Festival. As you may know the Council of Youth annually publishes a catalog including a DVD where all the activities carried out are exposed. This year both the graphic design and catalog were developed by artist and designer Kraser. The DVD was done by more here
Documentary MMM 2008

The producers of Cartagena: Ala Deriva Films have documented the whole festival of 2008 and offer us a resumed version of the third edition of Mucho Mas Mayo Festival of Young Artists. Unfortunately this is only a Spanish version and no subtitles are avalible. You can see it by pressing play or downloading the file by using the more here
Fourth Short Movie Week

Very soon we will be all able to obtain the enrollment for the Fourth Short Movie Week where we will be able to see a selection of works by: local, regional, and national film makers.    A proposal which is developed within the festival and which is more popular every year "Cinema in the Street". Ala Deriva Films are more here
Tribute to Guns n Roses

SATURDAY 20 DECEMBER 208 / SALA GAMMA (MURCIA) 22:308 EUROS (+ DISTRIBUTION EXPENSES) In advance / 10 EUROS At the doorInvited Band:BOURBON ROCKERSbuy your tickets in There is a hunger for classics. To see the genius Guns n roses on a stage nowdays isnt possible, but their historical songs can be enjoyed live thanks to the best cover band that more here